Mortgage Calculators

Mortgage payment calculator

Calculate mortgage monthly payment with applicable financial charges, including PMI, hazard insurance and property taxes.

Mortgage Loan with Interest-Only Period Calculator

Low on cash but trying to purchase a property? Well, this type of loan can help you to pay less for a few years, but be aware of your principal - it will remain the same these years.

Mortgage principal calculator

This calculator allow you to "peek into the future", allowing you to determine remaining balance of your mortgage after several years of payments.

Mortgage length calculator

This calculator will help you to determine your savings in the case of bigger monthly payments.

What If I'll Pay More Every Month?

See, how your mortgage will be affected, if you'll pay $XX more every month.

Payment per Thousand Calculator

Have you even wondered how much it is costs to pay every thousand of your mortgage loan? Now you can know that!

What is the Real APR for That Loan?

None of the loans are given away 'for free' - borrowing money always costs you something. Processing fees, origination fees, appraisal - all of these will costs you something, but these fees aren't included in the loan amount. Therefore, an APR of the loan is somehow bigger than advertised rate. Find the real APR with this calculator.

Affordability Calculator

Want to determine, how much you can borrow from a lender ? Use this calculator to calculate a maximum amount of loan which you might afford from the lender's point of view.

Tax benefits calculator

This calculator is useful to determine your tax savings after house purchase. Financial analysis includes first years and total tax savings.

Should I Refinance?

Your old APR (Annual Percentage Rate) is too high? Estimate your benefits of refinancing using this calculator.

Should I Pay Points to Lower Interest Rate?

Calculate, how points might affect your monthly payments and how fast they will pay for themselves.

Should I use HELOC to Lower Debt Payments?

Figure out, how you can cut current monthly debt payments using money from your Home Equity Line Of Credit (HELOC).

How Much Income do I Need to Qualify?

Need to know, how much money you need to earn to purchase house of your dream? This calculator will help you to figure this number out.

Which is Better: take a Second Loan or Pay PMI?

Don't miss out an opportunity, which might slash your PMI payments to zero and you will only benefit! It's name - second mortgage.

Interest-Only Calculator

Housing market moves up too fast ? Try to figure out, how much you can afford with interest-only mortgage loan, if you are pretty sure, that market will continue its way to the sky...

Interest-Only with Prepayments Calculator

Interest-Only loans can drastically cut your mortgage payments, but what if you want to pay something toward your principal? Figure it out with this calculator.

Canadian Mortgage Calculator

This calculator figures your monthly payment based on your input - conventional mortgage financing compounded semi-annually. It is also calculating required annual income, which every Canadian home buyer need to have.

Which Loan is Better?

There are so many loan offers and you can't determine which of them is better than others? Input your numbers and lock the best offer you have.

Standard vs Bi-Weekly

Heard, that bi-weekly payments can significantly decrease the time of mortgage payout? That's true, check it out with this calculator.

Buy vs Rent Calculator

Tired of apartments? Considering buying your private house in the beautiful suburbs? Well, let's see how you can benefit from that!

Should I Buy or Rent?

Rent Info
Monthly Rent ($)
Annual Rent Increase (%)
Property Info
Home Value ($)
Annual Maintainance ($)
Annual Appreciation (%)
Years Before Sell (Yrs)
Selling Cost (%)
Loan Info
Amount ($)
Interest (%)
Loan Length (Yrs)
Points (%)
Annual PMI
Taxes and Insurance
Your Tax Rate (%)
Annual Property Taxes
Annual Insurance
Financial Analysis
  Rent Buy
Downpayment $0.00 $50,000.00
Taxes and Insurance $0.00 $22,500.00
Total PMI $0.00 $0.00
Total Maintainance $0.00 $6,000.00
Total Payments $59,676.82 $155,864.39
Average Period Payments $994.61 $2,597.74
Rent Savings $96,187.57 $0.00
Tax Savings $0.00 $16,071.87
Total Rent Savings $80,115.70
House Appreciation $289,818.52
Proceeds Minus Cost $272,429.41
Remaining Balance $186,950.49
Equity Appreciation $85,478.92
Home Purchase Benefit $5,363.22

LOCATION: 274 Weighton Dr., Oakville

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